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15 Years in HOA Administration.

In 2007, located in the stunning Flamingo Beach, a visionary company came into existence with a singular mission: to deliver outstanding and personalized services in the meticulous management of condominium associations. Established by the experienced Mr. Jorge Méndez, who boasts over 15 years of expertise in the vibrant tourism sector, our family-owned enterprise has evolved into a benchmark within the realm of condominium administration. Our commitment to excellence and personalized service has solidified our reputation as leaders in the field, offering unparalleled support to communities seeking exceptional management.

Jorge Méndez, our founder, dedicated fifteen years to the tourism sector, gaining a deep understanding of clients' needs and expectations. Throughout his career, he specialized in condominium association management, understanding the importance of personalization and service excellence. Today, our company boasts a highly skilled and bilingual team, composed of professionals specializing in diverse areas. This diversity allows us to offer comprehensive and quality service, adapting to the specific needs of each condominium we manage. At the core of our philosophy is the conviction that each condominium has its particularities and deserves unique attention. That's why Mr. Jorge, as the owner and leader of the company, personally engages in every project. His commitment to maintaining personalized and professional service is reflected in every aspect of our daily work. We take pride in offering an individualized and dedicated approach to each community we manage. Our commitment goes beyond routine management; we strive to establish strong and lasting relationships with our clients, based on trust, transparency and service excellence. In summary, we are a family-owned company with a strong leadership, grounded in experience, dedication and a passion for providing exceptional service in condominium management. We are committed to continuing to be a reference in the industry, maintaining our standards of quality and personalization in every step we take.


These services embody our dedication to proficiently managing homeowners' associations. Our specialized offerings revolve around efficient HOA administration, including strategic planning, streamlined communication methods, financial management, community engagement initiatives, and expert consultation for effective governance. With a steadfast commitment to HOA management excellence, we ensure that each association receives tailored solutions and dedicated support for smooth and successful operations.

Service 1

Condominium Inspections

Inspect the Condominium regularly, whenever it is necessary to verify that there is no breach of the obligations indicated in the regulations.

Service 2

Complains Resolve

Address the complaints of the owners and resolve, when possible, any discrepancies between the owners or occupants of the affiliated properties. Maintain order, ensuring that the rules of morality and good customs are not disrespected and that the owners are not disturbed in any way.

Service 3

24/7 Response

Remain available 24/7 via cell phone to attend to emergencies and administrative matters.

Service 4

Meetings Organization

Convene and hold ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the Owners' Assembly. In addition to presenting the respective budget of common expenses for the coming year, as well as the calculation of condominium fees as established in the constitution of the Condominium.

Service 5

Accounting Reports

Send each owner, prior to the annual meeting of owners, the annual report of income and expenses for the past year, as well as accounts receivable and payable, if any.

Service 6

Excecute Resolutions

Execute the resolutions and agreements made by the owners' meeting.

Service 7

Excecute ByLaws

Respect and enforce the regulations, verify infractions and proceed against the offender according to his powers.

Service 8

Collect Condo Fees

Collect from each owner the condominium fees set by the owners' meeting for the payment of common expenses and reserve fund.

Service 9


Certify the debts or being up to date in the payment of the obligations of the owners with the Condominium.

Service 10

Contracts & Suppliers Payments

Pay with the available funds of the Condominium the common expenses of this, as well as the extraordinary expenses necessary in order to maintain the good condition, safety, comfort, cleanliness and decorum of the Condominium facilities.

Service 11

Condominium Books

Preserve and safeguard the legalized books, property titles of the property and other documentation related to the Condominium.

Service 12

Condominio Legal Representation

Represent the Condominium directly or through a representative before public authorities, be they administrative, fiscal, police, banking, municipal and/or judicial, national and/or foreign, in any claim, management or matter of interest of the owners or the condominium.


Condominio Picture
Condominio Flamingo Marina Cove

Playa Flamingo, Cabo Velas, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste



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Condominio Residencial Vertical Horizontes del Mar

Playa Langosta, Tamarindo, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste



HOA Costa Rica Law

Internal Regulations in Condominiums: Pillars of Community Living

Living in a condominium involves the privilege and responsibility of sharing common spaces with neighbors.
Harmony in these residential complexes is based on internal regulations, a set of rules
that regulate coexistence among owners, tenants, and administrators.
These regulations are essential to maintain a harmonious and orderly environment within condominiums.

Importance of Internal Regulations

Internal regulations are the backbone that supports coexistence in a condominium.
They establish clear guidelines on various aspects such as the use of common areas, activity
restrictions, schedules, coexistence rules, behavioral norms, and penalties for non-compliance.
Additionally, they often address aesthetic aspects, such as facade uniformity or the conservation of common spaces.

Development and Updating of Internal Regulations

These regulations are usually developed collaboratively between the condominium's board of directors
and the owners, allowing active participation of the community in their formulation.
It is essential to periodically review and update these regulations to adapt them to
the changing needs of the community and ensure their effectiveness in regulating coexistence.

Internal Regulations and the Condominium Property Law of Costa Rica

Law 7933, known as the Condominium Property Regulatory Law (Ley Reguladora de la Propiedad en Condominio) in
Costa Rica, represents the legal framework that supports and complements the internal
regulations of condominiums. This law establishes general principles and specific
regulations for the management and coexistence in these residential complexes.

Law 7933 as Legal Support

Law 7933 complements internal regulations by providing guidelines in areas where they
may be ambiguous or insufficient. When conflicts arise due to legal gaps in
internal regulations, the law becomes a resource to clarify and resolve conflicting situations.

Flexibility and Adaptability of the Law

This law not only serves as a set of static rules but also allows the necessary
flexibility for condominiums to adjust to the changing dynamics of the community.
It provides a general framework that adapts to the particularities and specific
needs of each condominium, facilitating the updating and modification of internal regulations as necessary.

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